About Caucasianal.com

What’s This All About?

One White guy trying to make it easier for White people to learn about White privilege and racism by presenting educational resources that are sensitive to that challenge.

What Will I Find Here?

1) Media created to help White people understand the legacy and practical realities of whiteness.

2) Links to educational resources.

3) Anonymous commenting with no registration. Comments will be reviewed before going live.

Who runs this site?

My name is Julian Ware. I’m a straight, white male. Due to conscious parents, good friends, music, a lot of reading, and some wily kids in the Bronx, I remain committed to learning what my Whiteness means to myself and others and taking action to challenge racism and white supremacy.


According to the Urban Dictionary ‘caucasianal’ describes someone acting like they are White. But that doesn’t quite hit the mark. ‘Caucasianal’ is also polite. It’s a friendly way to tell White people they did something stereotypically White. A constructive way to be critical.

Help Me Make This Better

The likelihood that I got something wrong is high. The fact that I haven’t found every good article or educational reference is certain. You can help me make this site better by contacting me and offering suggestions.

Legal Notice

Caucasianal.com is intended to be an educational resource that generates no income. All non-original content is posted with the exclusive intent to promote that content, it’s authors, and it’s sources, and to direct visitors to further engage with that original content.