Important White Responses to the NFL Protest

Roland Martin discusses the real nature of the NFL protest and shares constructive responses from White people that help promote discussion of the important issues involved.

Slavery to Mass Incarceration

The myth of racial difference created to sustain American slavery persists today. Slavery did not end in 1865, it evolved.

White Like Me – White Allies

A preview of a documentary featuring Tim Wise about the historic significance of White allies in working for social justice.

When Heritage Equals Hate: The Truth About the Confederacy in the United States

In this video, Jeffery Robinson, the ACLU’s lead expert on racial justice breaks down the history of white supremacy and ties that to the construction and significance of Confederate monuments.

Samantha Bee Talks About White Fragility

Is the term ‘white boy’ racist? Samantha Bee doing her thing in grand fashion.

What Whiteness History Month is NOT

A Portland Community College student conscientiously breaks down common misunderstandings about their Whiteness History Month program.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – “White Privilege II”

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis release a song created in cooperation with artists, educators and anti-racism organizers addressing the challenge of accepting our white privilege.

If Asians Said The Stuff White People Say

Yes, you can say racist things and not hate anyone.

Black History Month for White People

An honest and friendly attempt to educate White people about the reality of racial inequality.

Louis CK – Being White

Louis CK about the enduring comfort of whiteness. “Yeah, I’ll choose white again.”

Shit White Girls Say…to Black Girls

One of the most viewed and most thoughtful entires in the “Shit People Say” video meme.